Friday, January 15, 2010

Interview: All-American Rejects guitarist loves Twitter

The band name picked by the All-American Rejects makes no sense. C'mon- there's nothing about these guys that makes them so-called "rejects."

The Oklahoma-based rock group makes classic power-pop, both charming and fresh, and they guys have sold over two million albums since 1999.

We chatted with guitarist Mike Kennerty, who had a hand in writing hits like "Dirty Little Secret," "Move Along" and "Swing, Swing."

• LSJ: What was it like breaking out of your small town of Stillwater, Oklahoma?

• Kennerty: It was very cool. We were just some kids content on playing shows and getting by as meagerly as we could, so getting to this point is awesome. It was just a crazy experience to be thrust into the music world and to play huge venues and get on TV shows, and we wouldn't trade it for anything.

• What's your favorite thing about this whole experience?

• My favorite part, honestly, is just getting to do it. Getting to make music and play live over and over for your job is the most amazing feeling.

• You guys have a good amount of staying power in a genre that isn't always known for that.

• I think we lucked out in that a lot of bands get big and more popular for their fame more than their music or talent. We're not a tabloid band. You're not going to see us on the cover of every magazine in a scandal. We're being judged solely on the music and I think that had helped make us last for three records.

• I see you're big on Twitter (@mikeaar).

• Yeah. (He laughs) I try to save it for when I have important stuff to say or if I have a picture to post. There's this Web site called and it rates your Twitter page, and I got an A-, so I thought that was pretty good.

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