Saturday, January 9, 2010

Breaking Benjamin tours in 2010, opts for low guitar tuning

The chorus of "I Will Not Bow," the debut single from Pennsylvania quartet Breaking Benjamin’s latest album, sounds like it comes from a band determined to stay true to their beliefs, no matter what: “I will not bow/ I will not break/ I will shut the world away/ I will not fall/ I will not fade/ I will take your breath away.”

It’s a deep message, and a hopeful song. And, like many of Breaking Benjamin’s singles, it’s doing really well. “I Will Not Bow” reached No. 1 on the Active Rock chart last year. The song is also on the soundtrack for the sci-fi film, “Surrogates.”

Since 2002, fans have embraced Breaking’s Benjamin’s post-grunge/alternative metal sortie. Front-loaded with singles like “So Cold” and “The Diary of Jane,” the band’s music is uniquely dark, with cool riffing and heavy power chords. Tuning-wise, Breaking Benjamin really stands apart. While many metal bands use drop-d tuning, Breaking Benjamin goes two more steps down, to A# (or Bb). That makes for the uniquely dim sound that is, Breaking Benjamin.

Breaking Benjamin is on tour right now with Three Days Grace and Flyleaf. They play Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena on Jan. 16. They tour with Nickelback and Shinedown this Spring.

By Anne Erickson, Gannett LSJ/NOISE

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